Innovative Engineering Solutions


BTEL was established initially as an engineering company with a focus to develop Switch gears and control panels and other related products. Through hard labor and dedication BTEL could establish the sections and started supporting BTEL with switch gear and control panel products.
Once established, BTEL started focusing on the huge scope of business involving many different types of galvanized Mild steel products which are of huge demand from REB and BPDB to cater expansion needs of the power distribution systems in terms of thousands of miles. Within two years BTEL was successful to establish herself as a reliable vender completing number of old existing vendors providing REB quality products. BTEL is now number one in producing and supplying Earthing electrodes in terms of hundreds of thousands of pieces to different PBSs under REB. Once established with the Earthing products, within couple of months BTEL could establish herself as a reliable and quality supplier of Cross Arm products involving galvanizing processes on Mild Steel fabricated structures and acquired more than 40% of the existing supply market worth Tk 1000.00 million . The Cross arm market is expected to increase at a huge pace and lead to a market size of more than Tk. 2000.00 million very soon. BTEL has a huge prospect to increase its market share. There is huge demand for quality galvanizing products. Keeping that in mind, BTEL is expanding its galvanizing facilities using more than 44,000 st ft of fresh and developed land about 40 KM from Dhaka and added to the work shop many high capacity mechanical / hydraulic presses and other relevant machinery. The facilities will be ready for operation within the next couple of months. This will cater to all types of galvanizing activities supporting both in house and outside requirements. A huge prospect is lying ahead.
Area of Operation:
  • All type of steel Fabrication
  • Design & Drawing
  • Assembling
  • Galvanize
  • Installation
  • Grounding Rod
  • Steel Cross arms
Testing Fabrication:
  • Test of Mechanical properties
  • Test of Galvanizing coating thickness.
Spare Parts:
B-Trac Engineering Limited supports customers by supplying genuine spare parts and components from world class manufacturers to ensure a minimum downtime of its supplied products. We maintain storage quality as per manufacturer’s prescription to ensure product performance. We maintain a sizeable spare parts volume so that our customer demands (both for normal and for emergency requirements) are well taken care of in time apart from our in house consumption.
Service and maintenance:
BTEL maintains separate teams of skilled engineers and technicians who are dedicated and work relentlessly keeping in view, customer urgency and ensure minimum downtime. They are equipped with all necessary modern transport, tools and monitoring systems to help accelerate their service activities. BTEL supports customers in two ways:
  1. One is on call basis: on call method allows customers to call BTEL’s after market Care (AMC) teams to provide services and maintenance whenever it is required and are duly charged for that particular job on completion. BTEL is capable of providing services on 24/7 basis Expert engineers and technicians are just a call away from our valued customers to respond to their complaints and act accordingly.
  2. The other is the Contracted Services, where customers have to sign a formal agreement with BTEL for a certain period of time with specific terms and conditions of service and maintenance. Service and Maintenance contracts may include Schedule maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, engine health check and trouble shooting. During the contracted period, BTEL personnel will visit customers’ facilities as per the agreed terms and conditions to provide service and maintenance. It is again divided into two categories:
    (a) LTSA (Long Term Service agreement) : Under LTSA, customers are contracted for long term services which may cover spare parts also. It ensures customers an extra comfort level in terms of keeping the spare parts price fixed and valid for several years.
    (b) STSA (Short Term Service agreement) : STSA facilitates customers with provisions to take the benefits of taking discounted price on services and spare parts for a reasonable short period of time.