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BTEL Switchgear Overview

In an electric power system, switchgear is the most important equipment as it is the combination of electrically disconnecting switches, fuses or circuit breakers etc used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. Switchgear is used both to de-energize equipment to allow maintenance work to be done and to clear faults downstream. High quality switchgear is essential to ensure trouble free service.
BETL “Switchgear & Control Panel” division is ensuring high quality production with excellent after sales service and support. B-Trac Engineering Limited manufactures medium and low voltage switchgear (HT, LT, PFI, ATS, and MCC) and Generator Control Panel (GCP), Automation (SCADA) for power control and distribution systems.

Our Best Selling Switchgear Products:

Generator Control Panel: We manufacture high quality Generator control panel for both gas and diesel generators with the provision of multiple operating modes to cater customer requirements. Depending on the situation, customers can operate their generator in all possible modes. Besides, our panel provides generators from all hazardous faults by acknowledging and alerting panel operators.
LT/Feeder Panel: Our manufactured HV and LV Switchgears are based on customers’ requirements strictly conforms to our quality procedures. This is to ensure reliable products and cost effectivity. All our switchgear products are designed in such a way that it is safe and is operable with minimum level of maintenance. To be exact, all components used for the switchgears are from reliable world class recognized sources. PFI is also manufactured as per plant requirement to improve power factor with both auto/manual option.
Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS): Our automatic transfer switch ensures proper interlock between two or more power sources available both mechanically and electrically. We have a wide scale of ratings for ATS, starting from 30 amps to 6300 amps for 440 volt system. ATS is customized and designed according to customer requirement by using relay, timer or microprocessor based controller to ensure all level of protection, all the components being from world class makers to ensure minimum downtime.
Unparallel Parts Support & Service: A new challenge taken by switchgear team is to provide parts and service support for existing panels supplied by other panel builders (especially control panel). We are also upgrading old analog control panels with digital controllers to meet customer requirement. The major list of items used for providing support are listed below:
  1. Generator Paralleling Controller
  2. GE PLC
  4. HMI/Touch Screen
  5. Air Circuit Breaker
Supervision Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA): Our SCADA system using a reliable industrial or personal computer is operating on Windows operating platform with a power full data acquisition and control software, net working with the Generator Control System and Master Control System collecting all data and information of the power plant, and it provide operators with power generator plant information from remote locations. Our SCADA system provides numbers of graphic page, each graphic page carrying with it different information of the power plant operations, covering information as follows:
  1. Single line for the power plant
  2. Generator operation status
  3. Power management
  4. Distribution circuit breaker control
  5. Event recording
  6. Data logging
  7. Trending
  8. Remote and local data & alarm monitoring
Motor Control Centre: Our motor control center is a free-standing and has a modular design. It is subdivided into three compartments - the Busbar compartment, Equipment compartment and Cable compartment. Equipment compartment houses all the electrical components and Cable compartment houses all the terminals for cable connection. The motor control centers design can be of a draw-out or fixed versions for indoor application. Various types of starters which can be housed in the motor control center are: Direct On Line starter, Forward Reverse starter, Star / Delta starter, Autotransformer starter, Soft Start Unit and Variable Frequency Drive. All the operating handles or control device are mounted on the front panel cover.